NIOS Admission



  1. For Class X, Age should be at least 14 and more than 14
  2. For Class XII, Age should be at least 15 and more than 15

List of Students

Student Name Father's Name Mobile No. Class Joining Date Status Action
XYZ dbgsdfg fdgfd 4345324534 Secondary 01-May-2021 Paid Fee
Deeependra eerre 4444444444 Secondary 17-Feb-2021 Paid Fee
DEEp asd 3333333333 Secondary 21-Jan-2021 Paid Fee
sdfds sdfds 3333333333 Secondary 13-Jan-2021 Paid Fee
lucky kj 1234567890 Sr.Secondary 18-Sep-2020 Paid Fee
fgsdgsfd gfsdgsfdg 8758485685 Secondary 16-Sep-2020 Paid Fee
test Name test f 8554855485 Secondary 16-Sep-2020 Paid Fee